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Tai Lopez NEEDS TO STOP Selling Me His Bitcoin Course

Tai Lopez is famous for hanging out in his garage, showing off Lamborghinis, reading thousands of books, chilling with celebrities, and aggressively marketing his courses on YouTube. Unfortunately for us, he has now set his sights on the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. PLEASE STOP! I also make videos about poker: I’m on Discord every…

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BITCOIN: SHORT SQUEEZE PUMP TO $8,000 NEXT?❗️LIVE Crypto Analysis TA & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News

Bitcoin Price Analysis & Crypto News! 👍 THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE NOW + 🔔! *** VIP PRIVATE TRADE ALERTS – *** ******* VIP ELITE TRADE ALERTS ******* ************** 2019 VIP ELITE INFO:************** 🏆 VIP PRIVATE TRADE ALERTS – ************** 🎉 Announcements: ************** Is the Bitcoin (BTC) price potentially going to see a “short squeeze” pump…

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Goldman Sachs Investment Chief: Bitcoin Is Definitely A Bubble, Ethereum Even More So

Sharmin Mossavar-Rahmani is the CIO of the Private Wealth Management Group at Goldman Sachs where she guides the investment strategy for clients with over $10 million in assets. Mossavar-Rahmani joined Business Insider’s Sara Silverstein to discuss cryptocurrencies. Following is a transcript of the video. Sara Silverstein: And are your clients worried and are they are…

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Why Bitcoin is a SUPERIOR Investment Over Altcoins Now

Bitcoin and altcoins are in a constant flux in the cryptocurrency space. In some cycles, altcoins drastically outperform Bitcoin and in other cycles, Bitcoin drastically outperforms altcoins. In this video, we discuss why I suspect a Bitcoin cycle is coming and hence Bitcoin’s relative superiority over altcoins. For a full script, please see the Steemit…

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